Cost of Dental Implant in Jalandhar Punjab India

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Cost of Dental Implant in Jalandhar Punjab India

Cost of Dental Implant in Jalandhar Punjab India | 15000 to 40000 | Sujan Singh Dental Implant

Cost of Dental Implant is 15K to 40K depends upon the quality of Bone

It applies everywhere and is true in dentistry also. This question is typically asked by most of the patients that what’s the value of implant treatment or why it’s so expensive?

Throwing some light on this I might wish to discuss a couple of details. Patient conditions aren’t equivalent in reference to bone also the availability of bone in the different patient is different like the width of bone, the height of bone, quality of bone in reference to density, any systemic disease affecting bone, other systemic condition like diabetes, genetic factors and many more because the quality of bone plays an important role within the success of dental implant so we have to consider all those parameters very seriously. Cost of Dental Implant in Jalandhar

Age of patient is also a criterion in relation to the treatment results, it can delay the traditional bone formation and resorption cascade.

Gender consideration should be important as there are hormonal changes that may be seen in females

Cost–comparison with other treatment modalities. Dental implants are not costly if compared to other treatment options available like a bridge. In bridge, we’ve to grind the adjacent teeth from which we are going to take support and mostly RCT (root canal treatment) is also mandatory to stop future problems, in any case, this there’s very less margin remains in both treatments then why to sacrifice enamel of adjacent teeth. On the other hand, an implant is like a lifetime but in other treatments, we have to try to to again and again or repeatedly after a couple of years though making them equal or costlier than dental implants.

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